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    concept book 庵治石や産地の様子を多数収録した写真集であり、AJI PROJECTを運営する蒼島のコンセプトブック。写真家・香川賢志氏が撮影した写真からは、庵治石の質感や産地の空気をしっかりと感じることができます -- This is a concept book of Aoshima, which manages AJI PROJECT, is a collection of photographs that contains a large number of Aji stones and production area. All photos are taken by photographer Kenji Kagawa, and you can feel the texture of Aji stone and the atmosphere of the production area. B5 タテ W182 × H257 (mm) Photography: Kenji KagawaCover Artwork: Ayame OnoArt Direction and Design: Kenji Ito (MUTE)English Translation: Doualle JulienPrinting Direction: Hideaki HanaokaPri...